Mission & Vision

Where the efficiency starts…

For Efficiency

My Mission

My mission is to deliver excellent quality and efficiency through unwavering commitment, implementation of best practices I encountered over the past 10 years and craftmanship honed during that same period coupled with attention to detail. 

I am dedicated to propose and implement best-in-class solutions that not only deliver what we agreed on, but I will always strive to also surpass your expectations. I take pride in my work, will always go the extra mile for you and understand full well that true efficiency lies in doing it right the first time.

My Vision

My vision is to be recognized as a beacon of quality and integrity in everything I professionally undertake. I aspire to lead by example, demonstrating that superior quality is not a mere option but should always be regarded as a natural standard. I envision a future where my commitment to excellence inspires others, and where the enduring value of my work becomes a benchmark for the industry.

Who is the person behind For Efficiency?

In July 1992, I was born in a small Dutch village called Hurdegaryp. I had a typical Dutch childhood with my parents and sister. As I got older, it quickly became clear that I was constantly very inquisitive and highly motivated to learn and explore new things and to broaden my experience.

From HAVO (High School) I moved on to HBO (Bachelor) Law in a larger city in the Netherlands. I have always had the urge to go abroad and my first prolonged trip was to Italy where I had a great time! But of course, I also had to continue my studies because I was not going to conquer the world with my HBO (Bachelor) Law degree.

Becoming a lawyer was not my goal, but analyzing political issues or delving deeper into research for scientific purposes was triggering my attention. So, a logical next step was the Masters degree in Legal Public Administration at the University. This was a highly interesting course and the knowledge I gained there is still, almost daily, very useful to me today.  

In addition to all the studying and working, I moved from the north of the Netherlands to the west of the country. This is where I had my first real job as an in-house Legal Council and General Manager at SecurIncasso. In this job I learned that things in real life are not always as black and white as they sometimes appear from afar or in theory and I experienced that it is far more constructive to regard issues and business problems in terms of possibilities and opportunities, in terms of shades of grey,instead of solely clearcut facts. Because I worked here as a Middle Manager, I took the Middle Manager training course and successfully completed it. During this job I settled somewhat but the urge to emigrate to a better climate was always there and after several visits to Aruba and Curaçao we chose the latter!

So on to Curaçao!

After less than two weeks on the island, I was approached by the HR Department from eMedvertise to be interviewed for a financial position. Could be interesting, I thought, so why not… And it was. I could benefit from working in an international organization in the eCommerce and eHealth industry. So, I started in the finance department. I soon felt hungry for more and I seized the opportunities that presented themselves at eMedvertise. I became a Quality Assurance and Business Analyst. This position was tailor-made for me because I could do what I was good at, and do it every day, namely paying attention to details, mapping, and rewriting work processes where there was too much room for personal interpretation and therefore no consistent service. In short: I was driving efficiencies in all operational processes. To further stimulate and educate myself, in addition to work, I decided to follow the Higher Management Course at the University in Curaçao. I successfully completed the training with a modest 10 (A+) and right about that time the senior management of the company was replaced.

I rapidly became the new General Manager of the Curaçao branch of the company and was invited to join the International Management Team of the Group that is based in the Netherlands. I learned a lot in this position and here I really discovered that process optimizations, work improvements and operational matters make my heart beat faster. Switching between abstract and detailed levels is something I do well and that is where my added value lies. Overseeing the entire playing field and eliminating weaknesses and capitalizing on strengths. To my responsibilities as a General Manager the role of Group COO was added which drove me even further in my learnings and the impact I was able to make on the organization.

For Efficienty

Interim Manager

The combination of my education with my ever increasing experience due to my functional growth in the organization grew into a new goal in my professional life: to become an Interim manager. 

After much thought and consideration, I decided to do what I eventually always do; Go for it! I followed the Interim Manager training course and later the Lean Six Sigma course all belts and was able to successfully complete it. I was ready!

I have definitely discovered what I like to do most, what I excel in and where I can contribute to a company and to colleagues and how I can continue to grow.


I am currently (remote) Interim COO at eHealth Ventures Group, chairwoman of the Medical Advisory Board in Curaçao and Interim Project Manager at Fun Places where I create and optimize back-end systems together with developers. In short, living the dream as an interim manager.

In addition to my career path, you will find in me someone who is disciplined, serious but with a very healthy dose of humor. I am realistic and rational but with a light touch. I believe I maintain a good balance between a people- and a work-oriented approach and will always understand that goals will never be met without buy-in from the Teams who must perform the work. They need to feel appreciated and valued. I never fail to do just that. But always within the framework of the business goals agreed on.  

Do you need a seasoned process & project manager or an interim manager or operations director within your company? Please contact me and I will be happy to explain what I can do for you. Don’t worry about the location because I am happy to come to you and in this day and age with remote working, everything is possible!