Interim Management,
My Approach

Work smarter, Achieve more

Navigating to Success

When you hire me as your interim manager, you’re not just getting a professional to address your organization’s challenges. You are also getting a partner on board who is committed to understanding your unique business model, organizational structure and position in the market in order to better facilitate you in reaching your goals. 

Here is how I work:

1. Initial Intake Interview: Understanding Your Needs

Our journey begins with an in-depth intake interview. This is where I aim to delve into your organization’s unique situation, challenges, and aspirations. By actively listening and asking critical and probing questions, I aim to uncover the essence of the issues you’re facing and what it is that you are really aiming to achieve. This conversation also helps to establish  the most effective working arrangement – whether it’s a remote, hybrid or an on-premises project.

2. Crafting a Strategic Plan

Following this intake interview, I use the insights gained to draft a preliminary plan of action. This plan outlines the steps we will take, estimated timeframes, and associated costs. Crucially, it provides a clear description of the desired and required outcomes and the benefits you can expect from our collaboration. Clarity is paramount in my approach.

3. Transparent Pricing

I believe in open and honest communication, and this is also reflected in my pricing structure. My quotes are straightforward and concise, with no hidden costs or surprises. You can choose between a fixed hourly rate or a monthly rate, depending on what aligns best with your organization’s needs and budget but also with the time frame of the project.

4. Approval and Detailed Planning

Once the quotation is approved and you decide to bring me on board, we will set the project’s starting date together.  I then immediately set out to create a comprehensive and detailed action plan and will present it to all the stakeholders in your organization that you have selected. This plan naturally evolves as we progress, but we will always ensure it remains aligned with the project’s scope and objectives.

5. Ongoing Communication and Adaptation

Throughout our collaboration, I keep all lines of communication open at all times. Regular updates and progress reports keep you informed every step of the way.

Key to my approach is to provide you with constant updates and to prevent surprises at the end of the road. I will also not only indicate issues I may encounter along the way but will provide you with alternative solutions as well. 

In essence, my working method is rooted in collaboration, transparency, and adaptability. I’m committed to leveraging my expertise and experience to help your organization overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve its goals. Together, we will navigate the path to success, ensuring every phase of our collaboration is efficient, effective, and tailored to your needs.

Let’s embark on this journey together and navigate your organization towards the success you envision.

For Efficienty

Marrit van Distel

Interim Manager