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Marrit van Distel

Interim Manager

I’m here to support you in achieving efficiency, whether it’s for a short-term project or a longer-term strategic engagement.

Hi, my name is Marrit van Distel, an Interim Manager. Tell me about the project you want to start or are working on.

Hire For Efficiency

At For Efficiency we like transparency and therefore just clarity. Clarity is sometimes more difficult with rates because it is affected, such as duration of the project, is it (partly) hybrid or on location, in which country is the project and for how many hours per week. Naturally the final comprehensive rate will vary per project and its scope, but I will try to give you an idea.

One thing is crucial in my way of working: there will be no financial surprises after finalization of a project or interim job: what we agree beforehand and during an assignment is what I invoice, never more.

Initially I work on a fixed hourly rate of 92 € per hour. If the project takes longer than one month (based on 40 hours per week), I will charge a fixed monthly rate whereby the hourly rate is lower. 

My home location is Malaga Spain but I am not location-bound and can therefore go anywhere to provide my services.

So, are you located outside Malaga Spain and aiming to improve efficiency within your organization? No problem, because together we will determine whether the project is suitable for remote, hybrid or on prem. In short, For Efficiency comes to you!